I'm in Cali...Just for the Day

Their special baptism day in Buenaventura of 10 new members.

October 15, 2012

Well, i am in Cali for the day. I just had my interview with President Prince. It was awesome. always has so much insight and knowledge in his interviews. So this week was great, but also terrible.

On Monday we didn't really do an
ything too great. We kinda just chilled in the house if i am remembering correctly. So it was a solid week. On Tuesday we had the reunion de distrito (our district meeting). It was solid, our numbers as a district were kinda down, it was a hectic week. Elder Patino gave a lesson, and finished his mission today. There were a ton of tears this weekend because of that.

So we worked hard this week. The branch is growing so fast that we have to make a lot of hard decisions
. Basically we need to pick if we need to strengthen the members if we are going to find new people, or help our investigators, which is really hard to do . So we did a little bit of everything this week. We found 13 new people to teach, but also we needed to get everything set up for the leaving of Elder Patino. That was on Saturday. he showed a great video of how his time in Buenaventura was, tons of pictures and photos of everything. So that was a really cool meeting. He was my Zone Leader in the mission, and really taught me a ton of valuable lessons in my mish so far.

It is so
amazing how the church has come to together so perfectly here in BV...new members coming out of the bushes, people waving us down saying they want to talk to us and everything, it is just nuts. We had one baptism this last Saturday, and we're having a few more baptisms this Saturday.

So I had my interview with President today which was great. He always helps me a ton
. One thing he said is that he feels closest to the Savior when he reads from the 4 gospels. Just the thought of the apostles there writing down everything. It is all true. We need to always follow the example and the teachings of the Savior. People that were there when the things the Savior did happened.

But also, he told me some really bad news...... Elder Belnap, and I have a division!!!! But not really, he is changing areas and I am staying in the same p
lace. so that was super sad. But, we are both still in BV, so i guess it is ok. 

Things are great here, though. I will continue to work hard and be the best that I can be, going for the grand slam. Love it here, Cali is awesome. Today, we aren't really doing anything, just chillin in Cali, then heading back to BV on a 3 hour bus ride... Love you all, thanks and write me some letters!!!!! Please!!!!!

Elder Tyler Welling

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