What's Good in the Hood?

Elder Welling with Sebastian Brinez in Cali
October 29

Whats good in the Hood??
First off, that is great about the Giants! Happy they won, But really it has been awhile since the Yankees won the world series. Need to get back in the swing of things.

So, this week was solid. We didn't get to teach many lessons, but we did a lot of important things. I will start with Monday, played Soccer and beat some Colombians 9-7 on a micro field. and then later that day went out and taught. It was great. We had a really awesome lesson with these 2 daughters of a member. We watched the Joseph Smith movie. It was amazing. I love watching things like that and seeing the first vision. I always get a testimony and feel it growing stronger every time. I know the two girls felt the spirit and the emotion in the movie. It was amazing. But they have something on their mind. I don't know exactly what it is, but I will find out.

This week BV was without water for 4 days......that was interesting. Luckily we had a reserve tank, so things were ok for us. But as for the city, it was bad!! haha. We didn't have any water to wash the dishes, which sucked. But we were lucky to have reserve water. 

Elder Welling with his fellow missionaries/companions in Buenaventura

What else, we had a conference this week on Sunday. The area talked to us and also Neil L Anderson. It was great. He talked in Spanish, but totally sounds like a gringo, haha. It was really special though. He gave a blessing to the country of Colombia at the very end of his blessing, and it was amazing. It is so awesome that we actually have a prophet and 12 apostles today! I can't think of what the world would like be without a Guide. We, our LDS faith, would not exist had it not been for a prophet. So glad to know that we can look to their teachings to know what to do and how to receive happiness in this life.

Things are great here. As you have all seen in the pictures, Buenaventura is reallllllyyyyyy poor, and they can't grow anything here...why idk but it is difficult for Colombia to make a lot of money. So that is a problem here. But hopefully things will get better,. Colombia soccer is great and will hopefully qualify for the world cup next year. They have a good shot and oh yeah, when they play it is impossible to teach a lesson. haha Love you all, have a great day, and GO NINERS!!!!

Elder Welling.

Elder Tyler Welling

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