What Week Is It? Whoah...I Am In Colombia!!!

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October 22, 2012

Whats up Family and Friends,

This week was good, but also long. I will start with Monday. So this week we went to Cali reallly early on Monday morning. We had breakfeast with a couple missionary. They are awesome. They are from Idaho, so the breakfast was legit!!!! So then later that day we were in the Office, had our interviews with President Prince and stuff. Always awesome talking to him, just gaining knowledge on how to think, how to do things differently and ask for advice. So that was awesome. 

Elder Welling with new missionary couple from Idaho.
Ya, Pres Prince is having Elder Belnap, and I work in new companionships and area. I think it is because if we stayed working in only 1 area together it would be way more dominant over the other area. He said this is probably my last transfer in BV.

Then got my new companion and headed back to Buenaventura
. He is from Bolivia, his name is Elder Aldunate. He is chill, 19 years old and has about 5 months in the mission. But otherwise it is all good. Definitely hard to switch companions when I have learned so much from Elder Belnap. Just a different way to teach, and he has to get to know everybody and everything. It is just a process, but it is all good!!

So then we had divisions twice this week. and other stuff. But yeah, on
Thursday I noticed I was in Colombia again, sometimes it is weird like....Woah I am in Colombia!!!!! Lol!!!! But yeah, this Saturday we had a baptism. It was awesome. I attached a picture of the little girl who got baptized, her name is Nichole. She is sooo sweet, and quiet. But ya, so that was awesome.
Oh, on
Friday we had a goal as a companionship that we would start with finding 100 people in a day. So we went out like freaks ready to find and teach a ton of new people. But, it didn't work out to be 100. But we did in my companionship find 52 new people. Elder Belnap, and his companion found 54. So it was awesome. Really hard work. But awesome.

Then yeah, that is basically my week, have a lot of good people to teach, but won't bapti
zed for at least two weeks, so we will see how things goooooo.... Love you all. Miss you all.


Elder Tyler Welling

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  1. My son just got called to the Cali Columbia mission. He reports on February 27. He is from St. George, UT