November 5, 2012
Elder Welling with Elder Belnap and their companions and Sister Maryam in Buenaventura

Hey Family and Friends.

This week was fast, but also really long for some reason. I will start really fast with Sunday night. I was just in a bad mood and I don't know why...I'm sure it is because I was hungry. but idk. 

Anyways. this week was good. We got started preparing for our baptisms that we are going to have this coming week. as of right now we have 8 dates. We have got to make sure and work hard that none of the dates that we have will fall through. And that they stay strong and are ready to walk into the waters of baptism. 

T his week will be really busy and we will go to Cali to have a mini conference with Pres Prince. I am sure that it will be awesome, and we are excited for that. 

ut this past week was good. We had some solid lessons with two girls, Tania and Nayi. They are really cool, but are really hesitant also. I think they have a testimony about the church. but something is holding them back. I am not sure if it is something to do with their family or what. But we need to help them a lot this week to progress even further with their faith in Christ. 

e also have an awesome investigator, Alexander. He is amazing. here an investigator asi is called a Pepa. He has done all of his genealogy, we baptized his children and everything, he just has to get married

Which reminds me of all of the miracles we saw this week. Absolutely nuts. Always look for the miracles of God, they come in many different ways. It was awesome to see those amazing things happen. 

God listens and answers our prayers when we put in all of our effort and have done everything we can do to fulfill our needs. That is when the hand of the Lord comes into our lives. 

That was our week and this next week will be nuts.
Love you all and miss you all. 

Elder Tyler Welling

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