Elder Welling before baptizing these two sweet boys in Buenaventura

Elder Welling and Elder Belnap with their companions ready to baptize these 8 wonderful brothers and sisters.

November 12, 2012

Hey family and friends,
this week was great. I will try to explain better what i did this week. So on monday, i can't remember what we did. I am pretty sure that we just went to the parks here and played dunkball and things like that.

Then on tuesday, i did some baptismal interviews for the people who were ready to take the next step . Then ready for traveling to Cali at about 6oclock that night.

I love doing the baptismal interviews, you can really hear how a person is changing and how the gospel has really influeced their lives. I love it. Sometimes they really open up. So, the bus ride sucked, but we got to Cali at about 8 oclock, and went to go and see some of Elder Belnaps old converts. They were so excied to see him. It was way special. Then we headed over to the Familia Torrgersons house to have dinner. They made us some good ol stew!! It was soooo good. So, that was awesome.

Then Mitt ROmney lost that night. SO, ya. The next day was wednesday and we had a capacitaion with President Prince. i gave a little presentation. and i feel it was that great. But Belnap said it was fine. Maybe it was, who knows.

But then later we had the training and it was awesome . then we bounced, ate Burger King, it was delicious. then we headed back to Buenaventura. But we had to do some errands before for an investigator named Alexander to get married. He is getting married the 23rd then the 24th is his baptiism. So that will be awesome.

Then the rest of the week was normal, working hard, and doing all we can to get the people to come unto Chrst. Then on saturday was the baptisms. It was awesome. We had 5 baptisms, but only four got confirmed. but it is ok, the other will get confirmed on the 25th.

So that was awesome. and now today i am typing you all. But the family we bapti zed was a big family, so that was great!!!!!! Here are the pics, love you all. Thank you for Everything and Helping out the Saints here in BV!!!!!!!! 

Love you all and miss you all tooooooo!!                                  

Elder Tyler Welling

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