Elder Belnap's Farewell...Hard Week Ahead

Elder Belnap and Elder Welling saying their "see you laters" as Elder Belnap left for Cali and home this morning. 
November 26, 2012

I don't really know where to begin. I guess I will start off by saying that today has been one of the hardest days in my mission so far. Elder Belnap left to go back to Utah, and it has been hard for me. He changed my mission. Not only was he the best missionary, but he was also my best friend here on my mission. Today after he left, I have felt empty and down. Buenaventura is definitely different without Elder Belnap.

But, now
I will rewind and go to Tuesday. On Tuesday, we went to Cali. There was a baptism for an old investigator of Elder Belnap's. Was really cool. We sang in the choir and man, it was amazing. We sang, and I felt pure, I felt clean. We sang Nearer My God to Thee in Spanish, and there is a part that says, Y Angeles Habr√°....Right then, I felt the Angels come down from Heaven. The baptism was amazing. So amazing.

Then on
Wednesday, we had a zone conference with Elder Juan a Uceda. That was great, he talked a lot about listening and obedienece. Was really cool. I loved it. Then we got back onto the bus and headed back to BV. On Thursday, we did baptismal interviews to get some people ready for Saturday.

hen on Friday we had the big Noche de Talentos (talent night). Was amazing. The acts were awesome and especially Elder Carillo, he is a juggler and was just absolutley incredible. I loved it. Was such an amazing day.

hen on Saturday, we had the baptisms for three people and my convert now, Alexander, who's a stud. Was awesmoe. SO, those three baptisms were the last of Elder Belnaps.

Sunday the church had a nice meeting for Elder Belnap, and a lot of people said their parting words and gave Elder Belnap a hug. After the day we went around to all of the people that Elder Belnap wanted to go and visit. So we did that as a group of 4 missionaries and loved it. Then at night we had a nice going away dinner for Elder Belnap at the Branch President's house. It was really nice and special to have that time as the 6 of us and their two daughters eating together. Had a nice meeting then Elder Belnap said his goodbyes again. REALLY SPECIAL.  

Which now brings me to today,
Monday. This morning we said our "see ya laters" and Elder Belnap headed off for his last hurrah in Cali. Elder Belnap, I can say, changed my mission. He changed my life and has helped me in more ways than he can imagine. I know I will see him again in Utah, but for the time being it will be difficult to adjust. Just like when I left my Best Bros in Cali (California) and family in Utah. I just have to adjust and keep moving on, and do the Lords work. And do it to the best of my ability. Love you all.

Elder Welling.

-- Elder Tyler Welling

Elder Welling's last baptism day with Elder Belnap in Buenaventura

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