An Awesome Baptism, Hectic Week

Elder Welling's Baptism Week (but this time in a pool)


September 24, 2012

Hey family and friends, 
This week was sooo stressful, but awesome, also. we had a good weekend, but i will start with Thursday. the zone leaders came here to Buenaventura to help us with interviews, and stuff for our baptisms this weekend. we went with Elder Tauaese. he is from the states in California, so he is cool:) basically Thursday was sick (great), because we were a group of three gringos in BV. but it was great, everybody was ready for our baptism weekend.

at the end of the night we went to go eat some delicious food from the street. we had eaten there 3 times before, but it was the first time for Elder Tauaese. so later that night the food got Elder Tauaese sick. that was bad for him, because he had a three hour bus ride back to Cali the next morning.

but other than that, this week was hecka tight. we didn't have a place for the baptisms until Friday morning at 10oclock, a day before the baptisms. so that was supér crazy!!!!  we were blessed so much though. the pool that we did the ordinances in was perfect, and everybody loved it. Elder Belnap, and I had 4 baptisms, and it was amazing. we had 8 as a district. and if everything goes as planned, we should have 9 more great people being baptized this weekend in my companionship with Elder Belanp.

it is amazing to see the changes in the lives of the people that have accepted the gospel. it's a wonderful thing to see. so this Sunday was great also. oh, but also on Saturday i bought Elder Belnap, and I some big juicy burgers. man they were delicious. well, actually they are really terrible burgers compared to the burgers in the US, but good for Colombia... i have been craving some costco hotdogs, haha... just American food. rice and beans every meal kinda gets old, lol...but it's all good....

This week should be super stressful, too. hopefully i don't die, because of the stress. Love you all, miss you all so much. Hope things are going great. PS, we get to play pool today on our pday. i got the recipe for chocolate chip cookies from my mama, too :)

Love yall, stay classy US....
Elder Tyler Welling

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