What's Up? Preparing for Baptisms

September 17, 2012

OK, finally i am here and ready to write about our week. So like i told you last week, we were called to be a Branch!  So awesome!. This week we did a lot of callings, and all that jazz. Luckily none of the missionaries have callings yet. Luckily we have a lot of Elders in the church who can be leaders. only thing is Elder Belnap, and i are teaching a class about how to teach basically. so that was awesome! 

this week we worked our tails off.  We had about 21 lessons, and just were always thinking about other ways we can get the members involved. If we were walking, we were on the phone with a member telling them to call so and so.  we did a lot of stuff. but it was all awesome.

this week we plan to do a ton of work once again. hopefully we can have everything ready to go as scheduled, and have the hand of the Lord in our work. really, we have to have help on high from the Lord again as we prepare for our baptisms this coming Saturday. but this week was super great. we had 16 investigators at church again, and it was really special. a lot of people who we thought would not come showed up and they loved it. super blessed to have had that happen.

we played soccer on Monday during pday, lost 7-9. but i really don't like playing on the small synthetic fields. i like to play on huge fields, but there aren't many. basically there are just huge fields covered with rocks and beer bottles. haha but its all good.

I love Bueanventura more and more everyday. and it's awesome that Elder Belnap is my companion. i keep learning so many things from him, too. Love you family and friends. this is my message for the week. hope you are all doing well. and i encourage you all to read the BOM,

Love you all!!!!!!!

Elder Tyler Welling


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