Beautiful Baptism Pictures, New Goals and Karaoke

Baptisms in the beautiful river last week. Elder Welling is in the back helping the Sister. These are their 9 new members.
September 3, 2012

OK, another week down the tube, filled with a ton of work! But it was solid. 

I will start with this morning really fast, we got permission to go fishing at 5 in the morning, but didn't catch jack squat! It stunk. Anyways, this week was great! I was sick for a bit, but feeling much better now! 

Starting with Tuesday, me and Elder Belnap posted some goals to accomplish this week, so we can get closer to our mark that we have set for this week. We put up 2 goals. One was to find 20 new investigators, and the other was to post 9 dates for baptism. And on Sunday, we finished both of those goals. We worked our tails off and stayed focused all of the time. It was great to finish those goals we had set!!! 

So now we have a lot of dates for baptism, but we cannot let up on the work, or forget why we are doing this. Learned a good lesson last time. 

But, the week was great. Had a sickkkkkk activity this last Saturday. It was a night of Karaoke, and we got permission to sing, too!!  The church was packed with about 120 people.!!! SOOO COOOLLLL!!!!! Everybody was singing their minds out, and just having a great time! So cool, I sang Thriller by MJ, so I learned that I don't know the words as well as I thought I did.....hahah And Elder Belnap sang Billie Jean. Overall the night was a huge success!!! Loved it. 

Then the next day the Capilla wasn't too filled, but we still had about 65 there at church, including our new members. Overall it was a solid week, and we will continue to work hard to see how things goo!!! Love you all, thanks for the letters and yeaaaa...

Elder Tyler Welling

Their beautiful baptism day in the river of Buenaventura last week. Elder Welling is in the middle helping a Sister back.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I just LOVE these Baptism pictures!!! Very cool! Sounds like he is doing so good! :)