Whose Got It Better Than Us? Nobody!!!

Elder Welling at the waterfall before their baptisms.
Elder Welling rides on top of a bus/van to Cali (I think).

September 10, 2012

Elder Welling on a pday at the river.

WOW; what a crappy week in the beginning, but then it turned in to be one of the best weekends of the mission. I will explain why. Starting with Monday night, I ate something and no me cay├│ bien. It didn't go down well at all. Then later that night, it all came back up...and up...and up...so that sucked a lot. I was held on the sidelines for TWO days!!!! It was terrible. I couldn't work on Tuesday or Wednesday!!!! I hated being in the house. But luckily Elder Belnap helped me a ton. But he was also sick a bit too. But not like me.

Then on Thursday, Friday and Saturday we basically just worked our tails off and went to town. And then on Saturday President Prince called, and told us he would be coming to our Church meeting the next day. Which was AWESOME!!! We had started fasting on Saturday and finished on Sunday, super hard fast being sick and frail. But it was totally worth it and worked!!!!!!! We fasted for INvestigators to go to church! Then we did all the work we could to get a lot, and in the end we ended up having 22 investigators at Church! There were 98 total at the church!!!!! It was awesome to see that outcome. And now when you work as hard as you can and rely on the Lord, that's when the blessings come.

So Sunday was just great! President Prince gave a little talk during the Church about the formation of the Church and everything, he said.........Buenaventura will now be a Rama (official Branch)!!!! AHHHHHHH SOOOOO SICK when he told us the news!!! I was stoked!!!! We had worked so hard here, and everybody was just so happy when that news came. The First Presidency of the CHurch Approved us here in BV, So awesome. Then we had lunch with President, and Sister Prince which was delicious and everything! Also Sister Prince brought Tortilla Chips, and Salsa which was like mana from Heaven, so freakin delicious.

So, basically this week was awesome, and the NINERS WON!!!!  WHose got it better than US? NOBODY!!!!!!!

-- I love you all!

Elder Tyler Welling

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