A Week of Ups and Downs, Awesome Baptism Day!

August 27, 2012

Elder Welling and Elder Belnap in the river after their baptism evening before sunset.

OK, this week had a ton of ups and downs. 
I will fill you all in on what happened here
in Buenaventura. 
DURING THE WEEK, it was solid. We had a 
good fun time, and were working really hard 
on a lot of things here. We didn't have much 
time to relax. Speaking of, I was the most 
tired of any week in the mish. 
But anyways, I had my first interviews on Wednesday.
I did 4 and they all went well. And not to mention,
it was a really cool experience for me. I loved it a 
lot. Nobody failed or anything. But it was awesome. 

Then on Thursday the APs came and helped us
finish some interviews, because we had to do 
a lot. So it was really cool hanging out with them 
and working with them, too. But overall it
was a really fun day with them. 
Then on Friday in the morning they bounced (left). 

So, then on Friday we had the English class in 
the Sena,which was absolutely crazy and fun. They 
are nuts kids, and I am pretty sure that they don't 
ever study in that school. Anyways, it was fun being 
around a bunch of college kids and trying to teach 
them English.haha 

Then, came Friday night, where we hurried and 
finished interviews and what not. Then Saturday morning 
came. The day of the baptisms. We had scheduled to have 
about 20 baptisms. But oh my gosh, somebody (we know who)
worked hard so these people didn't get into the water. About
11 people fell through,and didn't get baptized. I was super 
sad! So, Elder Belnap,and I had 5 people we baptized, and 
our other 2 awesome missionares had 4 people. So, that was 
super sad to have 11 people fall through right before the 
baptisms. But, we had 9 great people baptized, and it 
was awesome!

But we went in a Chiva. Which is like a school bus
that is all decorated out and colored, but then 
boom, we hit a huge traffic jam going to the river.
And by this time I was getting stressed,
thinking we were never going to get to the river. 

But eventually about after one hour in the traffic, 
and not moving at all, the bus finally started to go, 
which was great. Then we arrived at the river and
everything was great after that. The ordinances were 
great, and the river was BEAUTIFUL! I loved it!

Then we returned home and basically went to bed. 
But I was still sad about the other 11 people
falling through! Elder Belnap, and I had a 
long, good talk about what had happened and ya. 

But anyways, that was the weekend. 
We still had about 80 people at the church, which 
is a good problem. 
I will send all of the pics, well hopefully. 

It was like Alma in the Waters of Mormon. So awesome 
and beautiful! I loved it! This next month will be so 
much bigger and better. We just got our
feet in the water. Now we are going to dive in!!!
*Elder Tyler Welling*

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