Week 3 in Buenaventura

Elder Welling with Elder Belnap being transported on the rail by motorcycle in Buenaventura-Pday
August 20, 2012

Whats Up Family and Friends,

Sorry for getting this letter off so late. We were at a sick (awesome) river for pday. Let me tell you, it's not fun to not be able to swim. I wanted to go into the water so badly, but all is well, I would not ever go in.

So, starting this last week things have been really good. On Monday the 2 ZL's came and spent pday with us. Elder Tauaese is my good friend in the mish, so it was good to play soccer with them. Then he went on divisions with me later that day. He was absolutely shocked about how poor it is here in Buenaventura.

One of our investigators lives in a house, but it is not a house. I can't really describe it. Every time I leave their house after a lesson I start to cry a bit. It is absolutely amazing here in Buenaventura. Whenever I leave I think of the Sermon on the Mount. Idk, it is just nuts, and I love this humble family.

So then on Tuesday we (Elder Belnap and I) worked our tails off, because we were going to Cali on Wednesday for a Conference de Cali. So, we worked really hard. Then on Wednesday we made the 2.5 hour bus ride to Cali, which is nothing for me. But it's tough, because, we are soo close to Cali, just over a mountain basically. It is such a terrible, bumpy road and the speed limit is slow. I usually almost die every time we are driving here in Colombia, because the bus drivers are absolutely insane! But it was great.

The conference was great, too. Learned a lot of things, and it was awesome to see everybody. President asked me to talk about the Culture of BuenaVentura. haha.. It was a good time, and everybody had a good laugh. It is nuts here, because the houses are on the ocean, sometimes being held up by about 4 pieces of wood. Then inside the house they have these huge speakers, nothing like I have ever seen in the US, NUTS. On Thursday,Friday,and Sat nights everybody in Buenaventura has their music bumpin, so it was really cool to share that in the conference. It was sweet, then had the Interview with President Prince, which is nice as always. Then we went on our way back to Buenaventura later in the night. We got back at about 10pm and went to sleep.

This week was awesome and I loved it. Pday was sick (awesome) today, and I will send pics next week. I love and miss you all. This weekend, Elder Belnap, and I are going to have 9 baptisms, that is only with 4 weeks too.....We are going to bring the light to Buenaventura in bigger ways than we thought possible before!!!! That is a thing I learned in the zone conference. Nobody knows my limits, what I can and can't do, only the Lord knows!! Bring it ONNNNN

Elder Tyler Welling

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