Hiking in the beautiful jungle
Elder Welling finds shelter in the jungle.
Aug 6, 2012

Heyyyy Familia y Amigos,

I am chillin here in Buenaventura in a slow internet cafe and loving life. It is going so well here in Buenaventura. I am learning a ton of things everyday. Elder Belnap is helping me with my Spanish more than my fellow Latinos, haha. And yeah, we are finding, teaching and getting ready to see some amazing things on the 25th of this month!! 

The Elders enjoying their ride to the jungle.
Elder Welling loving his jungle hike.
I will start with the past Monday. We went to the JUNGLE!! Like hardcore jungle in the middle of nowhere. I thought we were going to get attacked by people in the jungle or something, but we were all good. We found the river where we are going to do the baptisms and everything, it was awesome. We went on a hike basically, and it was just a great pday overall!!! Loved it!
But then, we basically went back home and got to work. This week was great, helped a ton of people, found 28 new people to teach and we are just working our tails off here trying to build a kingdom! 

Elder Welling and Elder Belnap love Buenaventura.
We finally found a house to have the church in. Our fasting and everything worked out, and we had about 50 people in all at church. They all loved it. The members helped us out a ton, making the people at church comfortable and all and everything. Just a really rewarding week! Now we need to continue finding people, but also getting those ready for baptism.    

But last night, it was cool. We had like a skype with the people in Cali, the stake priesthood conference. They all gave shout outs to the bros in Buenaventura. One of the kids gave a talk. He was from Andes, my last area. And he called me out and said, "what up Elder Welling?!!"  haha, it was great. But things here are really good. I am happy, loving it, and just learning a ton everyday from these Elders here.

We are going to start teaching English classes at a university here called Sena. So we will be talking to about a couple hundred people about Sena and the Church!!! Things are going to get big quick here in Buenaventura!!!!!

Love y'all and miss ya!!!

Elder Welling!!

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