Another Absolutely Awesome Week!!

August 13, 2012

Dangit, I hate how I have to read all of the emails, because it takes forever. And it only gives me 40 minutes to write, which is not much. But weesh. what a long, awesome week. 

Elder Belnap, and I worked super hard and just went to town. We had a normal tuesday, just district meeting and everything. Then we went out to work. Came back that night and it was all chill and normal.

But on Wednesday the mission had an olympic type of competition to find out who can find the most people in 4 hours. 1-5. Elder Belnap and I started at  2, because two meetings feel through and we were just walking. But then we went to a barrio called Bella Vista, and just went to town finding people. In those 3 hours we found 20 new people to teach, got lessons to come back, and talked about the doctrine of Christ to all of them. Some accepted a date for baptism!!!! It was absolutely awesome!!!! 20 people!!! SO much fun that day. We worked our tails off. 

Then comes Thursday afternoon. we were having lunch with a super cool hermana. Her name is Maryan Rodruiguez. She is hilarious, but then all the power went out. We thought that it was just a normal power outage, but man were we wrong. The power is still out till now. Some people have generators, but for the most part after about 6:30 everything is completely dark!!!! We aren't in the street past 8, because they say it can be dangerous. 

But everything is great here. Buenaventura is absolutely the best. I don't want to know what missionary work will be like after this!!!! I am loving it here. This week we found 43 new people. Everyone is coming out of the woodwork to hear and listen to what we have to say. This morning at 7 we started to teach English at a University here. It was sweet, and things are going good. We also opened the new Casa Capilla this week. So now we have a place to have church. It is kinda small, so we will need a new house soon. But overall, it is all good. That was my week, absolutely awesome. Love you all. Hope things are going great wherever anybody is. Oh, and one more thing--


con mucho cariƱo,
Elder Welling!

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