Gonna Celebrate 4th of July, Milk Was a Bad Choice!

July 2, 2012

Hello family, sorry i am writing to you all a little bit late today, but we did a hike early the morning, with permission of course. We went to Cristo Rey again, freakin sick. But the hike was bad, just bad trail and kinda short, i will send pic. And later today we are going to buy Cali Jerseys as a zone for this Wednesday, 4th of July, because we have a big zone meeting. The whole mission!! to celebreate fourth of July!!!! 

But yea, this week was good, we had 2 baptisms lined up, but fell through again, because the girl didn't get back from work until later at night, so...it fell through. But this week was good, had a lot of lessons, but having a hard time finding new people to teach. But all is good. During one of our lessons a woman from Manizales, a city near Medillin, was telling us to get married with the investigators, kinda awkward, but all good. hahaha..

Umm, i have the same companion, for those of you who don't know. Um, overall the week was solid, but it is freakin summer here, and i am dying. ALways hottttttt always. Freaking hot during the nigh,t too. But overall good. Also, my hands are peeling. I think i am dying, i dont know what is going on...i am going to call the medical hermana later today to ask her about it. It is just weird. But i bought a lotion for it. So hopefully all will be good soon.

But yea, this was our hike. Also, i found Noahs Ark!!!! Freakin dope. i tried to pull off a titanic pose, but you can tell me if it worked. Also, there are so many dogs here, forgot to tell yall. But dogs are everywhere, and they don't have owners. it is nuts. SO ya, that was my week. Things are great. Love you all. Miss yall, too.

Elder Welling

Milk was a bad choice!!!!!

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