Somos Cali!! (We are Cali!) - July 4 Celebration

Somos Cali!! (We are Cali!) Elder Welling and His Whole Mission Together

On Wednesday, July 4 we celebrated!
We celebrated being missionaries of the Misión Colombia Cali.
We celebrated our desire to:
- be obedient and protect our companions
- find more new investigators (15+ each week)
- baptize 3+ each month
- to be CALI missionaries!!
We had all of our missionaries (107) with us.
It was like having all the kids home under the same roof for Christmas.
Chaotic, challenging, and wonderful...
with a sense of peace knowing they were all accounted for and with me!
We spent a wonderful morning of training - 
Elder Tyler loved studying more about Joseph from Egypt
Good memories of singing Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat songs
can you find your missionary??? Yes, Elder Welling is 2nd to top row, 2nd from the right :)
and recognition of our Captain Moronis -
Back Row:  Elders Almendares, Yapura, Rivera, Rodriguez, Belnap, Menendez, Stutz, Novoa, Dyas, Razuri, Patino, Camacho
Middle Row:  Elders Loro, Peek, Rocha, Paez, Walton, Brodowski, Duque, Cabrera, Zambrano, Fuentealba, Amado
Front Row:  Hermanas Jacobo and Bautista
Followed by a lunch for about 120
Maria, Hermana Torgerson, and Ana
 and an afternoon of fútbol (soccer), volleyball, pingpong, basketball...
FUN!! Not sure which is Elder Welling above?
 more pictures...
The Sisters (not many, but mighty!)
Hermanas Torgerson, Oliver, Perdomo, Mancilla, Prince, Carreno, Fuentealba, Bautista, and Jacobo
Palmira Zone
Winners of the soccer tournament! Elder Tyler's took 2nd place, close game:)

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