4th of July, Conference and Soccer Tournament

Elder Welling and His Soccer Team With Pres. Prince on 4th of July
July 9, 2012
Hello familia and friends,  how are you all doing? this week was good and also bad. but i am writing back late today, because we were playing football, which was fun. for some reason though, today i am in a bad mood. i just don't know why either.

but anyways, on to this week, starting with tuesday. we had the normal district meeting which was solid, just the same old thing. we are having a hard time finding new people to teach, and our ward is not helping much either. Hopefully this coming week we can find a ton of new people to teach. President Prince has set a goal to find 1000 new people to teach these next 3 months, so we will see how that goes. and also each companionship should baptize up to 3 or more people every month, which is a pretty high standard. but we can do it. And if we do it, Cali will be the most successful mission in South America!!!! So overall things are good.

then during the week, we didn't have many lessons, a lot fell through. we did a ton of walking. which sucks! But then saturday rolled around, and we had 2 baptisms. One was the child of a man i baptized in april, and now basically all of his family is baptized. i love them, they are so cool. At first, they told me that gringos don't fall well with him, which is basically saying he doesn't like gringos. but now he is all good with us and everything. then later in the day we had another baptism of a girl. So, we have 2 in the month of july now, and hopefully we will have more, like 3 more....

Elder Welling(2nd on right, next to top row) and Mission on 4th of July - Training Before Soccer and BBall Tourneys
Elder Welling and Entire Mission Have a Soccer Tournament. Elder Tyler's team is Green..Can you see him?
Oh, also this last wednesday on the 4th of July we had a huge mission conference with all of the mission. it was freaking awesome. we talked about Joseph of Egypt, which was awesome. i kept thinking about the technicolor dreamcoat songs, haha...but overall a really satisfying meeting. then later we played soccer, a big soccer tourney for the whole mission, zones vs zones. we got to the finals, and were up 1 to 0 a half time, but then we lost, i was soooooooo mad!!! But then i was dominating in basketball later, which was nice. Also, dunking....but i am pretty sure that the hoop is like 9.6 feet high.

Then, also this sunday the president of the mission came to our church meeting. i was intimidated. But things went well, we gave a really good talk on John chapter 21, about feeding His sheep. it was so good. But intimidating to have him there, he is such a smart, wise and cool president. I learn a lot from him every time we talk. But yeah, that was basically my meeting.

things are going really good, and just going to continue to work hard. Love you all, miss you all too. 

Elder Welling

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