July 23, 2012


Another 6 weeks down in Cali Colombia. and these 6 weeks were the fastest by far. Why, i don't know. But overall solid, we have had 3 baptisms this month which is great, and should have 3 or more in august if i am here....but who knows. i hope i don't go, but i have a feeling that it is that time. We will see.

This week was good, and super fast. We didn't get to find many people, which i don't know why. We are trying so hard, but it is just not working. Hopefully it will get better. Every night on wednesday we have a noche de hogar with a family here, which is always fun and nice, mainly because they always have refreshments. but we had a cool message about wilford woodruff who searched the scriptures a lot about the way the church should be formed. so i liked that a lot.

also, yesterday we had a noche de hogar with 2 other families who are less active in the church. and we watched a movie about a family whose child passed away and how they could ALL RETURN HOME. It was really cool and really special. the families were almost crying, because i think they were having trouble in  their families. so it was cool to feel the spirit, and to have them know that all things can be fixed. Then we watched another video about the hand of the master. It was about well...a violin, but it was really, really cool. I liked that video a ton.

This miercoles, basically our whole ward went to bogota colombia to go to the temple, so we didn;t have a chance to get many referencias, but overall everything was good. It is still super hot here, and i still miss food in the USA, but things are great. i hope i don;t leave cali, 1. because my ward is awesome, 2 the familia briñez is legit, and 3. I have the dopest zone leaders who always like to have fun. SO, hoping i stay. i will call heremnan briñez if i go so that she can tell you all! Love you all, miss you a ton. 

Babe no, babe nooooo, nooooo, babe noooooooo
Elder WElling.
Hot rod quote.

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