This May Be My Last Week in Cali Andes Area....

Elder Welling baptizes family's son.

July 16, 2012
Hello family and friends,

This week was good, and now i am really hungry. But overall everything is going well. I am writing a little late today, because i had a good solid pday today. Things are going well. Today, we played soccer in the morning. i need to buy some new soccer shoes, which maybe i will have time to do this week. Also, today we went to a place in like downtown Cali where basically they sell a ton of cheap electronic stuff. Which was pretty chill, i didn't buy anything though.

This week was another struggle, but also a blessing. JUST WORKING  hard and stuff. But we had a lesson with a kid this week on monday night, and then he got baptized this saturday. he had assisted the church like 3 times. So i thought he was a member, but he was not. And so we taught him, and he had a brother that died at 14 who was a member. So the plan of salvacion was really important for this kid. he is really cool, but also kinda timid. But chill. So that was a good blessing. 

 So this month i've had 3 baptisms. if a missionary has 3 baptisms, you are considered an Hijo de mosiah, child of mosiah, which is basically super dope. But yea, we have also had a hard time this week finding people to teach, so hopefully we can start to find much better in the coming week.

But yea, i am having a feeling that it is my time to go, which sucks because i like my Andes area and the people. and also, the Zone Leaders are dope. But we will see in one week. So, ya that was basically my week which was solid, and also um poco slow. 
Love you all, miss you all. 
Elder Welling                                                                                       
Elder Welling and his companion baptizing these dear young men.
Elder Welling and his Zone ready to play some soccer on the 4th of July..Happy 4th!

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