Another Week Down

June 25, 2012

Elder Welling in Cali - PDAY
So, terrible news, i filmed a vlog last night basically what i would write in this letter, and it can't be sent. Kinda sucks. But overall this week was solid, we had a good amount of lessons and another noche de blanco. so things were good. Started off Monday for the festivo and just went to the church ate food then played some basketball....and a heads up, i am happy the heat won, Lebron is my favorite player, and is a freak of nature. But anyways, this week was good. Our lessons were good. We can improve somehow but idk what we need to do. Umm, this Saturday we had a noche de blanco. We were supposed to have 3 baptisms, but 2 fell through and didn't happened, it sucked!!! BUT THE NIGHT OVERALL WAS REALLY cool and fun. Sorry for the caps. Then Sunday morning we were supposed to have the other 2, but they didn't show up. depressing. yo se.

But yea, overall this week was really fun tho. I have 2 gringos as my zls, and let me say, i want a gringo companion when i know Spanish well. It seems so fun and everything, because it is the same culture. But yea, I am sweating right now as i am typing, which sucks. But yes, when we teach we try to teach by the spirit, which is crucial. But sometimes it doesn't happen, just always need to be humble and ready for whatever may come.

This week we had a a kid from the ward go with us a lot. He is going to go to the Paz Bolivia Mission, which should be dope. He is really cool, and leaves in 3 months. So ya, hopefully this week is good and filled with laughter, and mucho exito. So ya, love you all, miss you all, and i hope everything is great in the states. 

Elder Welling.

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