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 June 4, 2012

Yo yo yo

ANother week down in Colombia! This week was solid. Started off on Monday when I purchased my first item from Colombia. But it is not Colombian, it is a Manchester United Scarf. I don't need it in Colombia. It is for when I return to Utah, and it will be freezing! haha its dope though. 
Then came Tuesday, it was a normal Tuesday. We had the normal district and zone mtg which was good, then a normal rest of the day. Then came Wednesday, we had our interviews with President Prince. It was awesome, only for about 10 minutes but really good. He asked how was our companionship, how we think this month will be for us. He was also telling us how we have been doing great, and our area is one of the best. Which was really good to hear. We have been working hard, and it is paying off. Oh, also we won the copa de encontrar...algo como eso. But we won for finding the most people in our area, and our zone was averaged the best in the Mission. Really sweet. 
Then this week we had a cool experience. We were walking in the street and saw a lady, but thought nothing of it. Then our meeting fell through with an investigator, and after my companion had the thought that we needed to contact her, so she did. Her eyes started watering immediately, and she said she had a feeling we were going to talk to her. She told her daughter that too. So then we chatted, gave the first lesson. She kept saying we are like the apostles of Christ..which is true, we are teaching His gospel, then saying we were sent from God to her. And it was just a really cool experience that we had with her. Really cool to see how different people are prepared. Really cool. 
Then what else, overalll just a cool, solid fun week. But I got into it with my older companion one time about how to start teaching and everything. But this week was good, I had fun. Today we are going to the zoo again.

                             Love you all, thanks for the emails Love ya and miss yall..

                                          Elder Welling.

THE Scarf
Elder Welling's new Manchester United Scarf

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