Yoyoyoyo...I'm in CALI !!!!!

June 18, 2012

 yo yo yo, so this transfer came and went and i am in................CALI Colombia!!!! THE SAME AREA, WHICH i am sooo stoked for, but i am with the same companion. He is not bad, we just don't always see eye to eye, and not to mention, i am not a big fan of peruvian spanish. But all is good. But i do have terrible news. My two gringoes that i came to Colombia with are now both in the Mission Medillin!!! :::((((( que triste. pero all is good, i know they were sent there for a reason. Elder Watts and Ashton. ambos se fue. This week was alright. Not too much happened. We had a fun party on Saturday for a kid in the barrio named Juan David Lasso. He opened his mission call, and is going to go to La Paz Bolivia! He is super stoked and was emotional about his call, because he is the first in 3 generations in his family to go on a mission! He is stoked and leaves in 3 months. Today is a festivo in Colombia, which is basically where nobody works and parties. They have at least 2 festivos every month. So, i am excited to be in normal cloths for once and CHill. As for Spanish, is it coming along, i still obviously need a bigger vocab and other things, but it is coming along. The Familia Brinez is teaching me how to talk like a  calino..which is coming along quite well. But yeah, weird my mission is now 1/4 finished and i will see yall next december. It is long, but it isn't long...just weird. haha But other than that, i am doing well and just working everyday. Love you all, i will send pictures next week. Love yall and miss yall too!!
Elder Welling.

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