Cali or Medillin Mission Week

June 11, 2012

hello family and friends,

This week was a struggle. We only had 8 lessons!! It was a ton of walking and not much work. It sucked, by far the hardest week in the mish. We had a ton of meetings fall through, ton of people were just going out of town and things like that. overall just a hard week. But i am not getting down on myself. Today we have our changes, so i will know tonioght if i will be in cali, or if i will be in medillin. <i want to stay in cali, because i love it, but i want to visit medillin also. mainly because i hear how beautiful it is. But cali is my home. The fam brinez is doing great, they say hi and send their saluds....i dont know how to spell it. but ya, not to much happened this week. We went to the zoo and that was fun. and i have pics...but.......i forgot my cord at the ya. The weather is freaking hot here, it is summer now. i am also sweating and it is freakin humid, too. Everyday when i take off my shirt to shower, there is a brown line where my neck was...ewwww, also, i hate the tan line from the shirt. haha but things are good, i am having fun here in cali, and just working and working. and ya, going to work hard this week again, whether i am in medillin or cali......ahhhh Love you all, and sorry this email is lame, not much happened. But yeah, hope everything is great and you all are having great times. os amo. 

Elder Welling

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