More Cambios This Week, Highest Number of Converts in 25 Years Here!

Consejo-Leadership Counsel Fun Picture (Elder Welling back, 3rd from left.
Sept. 28, 2013                                                 

Hey Family and Friends, 

So, what to say. This past week went by really fast and I cant believe it. Ya, we are here in October........What happened to August and But things are going great today. Sadly, we won't be having the baptisms for some reasons, but they will happen later on. 

But in other news, I am doing great here. Last night we were going to have a show de talentos...It got postponed to today at 4, because there was no power yesterday. Sad, because there were a lot of people ready to come. I think that not too many people will come today...sooooooo we will see how it turns out. 

What else? Cambios are this week, so it will be another packed week. I will also being going to the Andes city of Pasto for the interviews that are starting this month. Hopefully we will make it there this time. I want to go on an airplane.....haha. 

Elder Welling focused.
 But I am excited for today. We will have the highest number of converts that we have had in 25 years here in the mission. It was a great month this month in Septiembre. I am excited. But basically that is it for me. 

Today I ate at Subway, so I am all good. haha. Too bad I don't have dad's subway card to always get sandwhiches. haha. Love you all and hope you are all doing great!!!!!!!!
Elder Welling
Mission Cali Colombia
Elder Welling really focused.
Preparing to teach, getting ready.
Elder Welling wishes there was more great food to eat.

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