Longest and Best Week Ever...Buenaventura, Consejo, Hermana Prince's Birthday!

Celebrating Hermana Prince's Birthday, they made her cake! 
Happy in kitchen!
Sept. 21, 2013

Hey Family and Friends, 
This has been the longest week of my life...and I don't know why..I do, but didn't know it would make me feel so tired. But I have been extremely tired. haha. 

But anyways, starting from Monday we had a good day. the mission is going really well and everything. We mainly just met up with Pres Prince to talk about the Consejo that we were going to have on Thursday. So that was cool. 

Tuesday in the morning we woke up way early. My comp, and I headed out to Buenaventura, it was awesome--yes, awesome!!!! I went to go and do a lot of baptism interviews, it went really well. I had the best and good time seeing a lot of people, my family from Buenaventura-it was so awesome to see them again!!. I got to do some interviews for some people that I had interviewed when I was there before as ZL with Elder Belnap and my bro Elders, was awesome. But they are all doing well. Had a lot of fun seeing old friends too.(pics to come.) 

Then we came back to Cali on Wednesday in the morning and we had some more time with Pres Prince planning the mtg with the ZL's. On Thursday we had the Consejo de Liderazgo. It went really well. Probably the best one I have ever been in. The mission in this moment is going really well, and we are trying to help it do better. 
Happy with his BV family!
So, at the end of Consejo the whole world left super happy, because we have a big chance to break the highest mark in the last 25 years here with number of converts this month. Hope we can do it to help the reino de dios crecer. I am doing really well and loving it. 

We will have a baptism next Saturday, so we are doing well. I don't know what else to say, we played soccer again. We won. muhaha But other than that, things are good and ya. Love and miss you all. 

OHHH and Hermana Prince had her birthday, so I made her a cake...it was better than the other one :) It was awesome!

Elder Welling
Mission Cali Colombia

Deep in thought during BV interviews.
Happy Elder Welling and good friend in BV.

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