Baptisms, Planning, Teaching and Cambios!!!!

Sept. 14, 2013

Hey family and friends, this last week was relatively good. I honestly am shocked by how fast time goes by when I am in the office. haha Its nuts. But things are going great. This week..well today we are having another baptism of a girl who's name is Valentina. She is from Buenaventura, so awesome! She is way cool and ready. This week was kinda a slow week. Normally we were in the office doing a lot of research for how we can help the mission get better. We have been thinking a lot with Pres what the next 3 months will be like and what can be the campaign for those upcoming months. It's going well. 

Today, we are headed out with President to a mtg in the city of Palmira to a district mtg. Should be fun. He asked us to come along to do a demonstration with him at a point during the conference. Should be fun. I am excited. 

This week we have Consejo with the ZL,s and then next week we will be having Cambios!!! ahhh its nuts. the transfer fly by!!! But its all good. We had 14 people at church last week so that was awesome. The next Saturday we should have another 3 baptisms. So we will see what we can do. Lots of people are ready to hear the gospel. Love it. Love you all and miss you all....well, not too much more to say today. haha 

Elder Welling
Mission Cali Colombia

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