Pasto and Ipiales for Awesome Missionary Interviews, Pizza and Flying!

Elder Welling ready to baptize this wonderful little girl in Cali.
October 5, 2013

Elder Welling ready for first flight-Pasto to Cali.
Ok, so this week was another fast, but solid week. I will try walking you all through it step by step. So, my comp and I finished getting all of the things ready for our interviews with all of the missionaries. We decided to teach them about compromises that we do with the investigators. It went really well. 

On Wednesday we woke up at about 3:30 in the morning to go to the airport to get on our plane that was going to leave at 6am. So, we got to the airport in Cali for our direct flight to Pasto, my comp and I. Everything was great. Got on the 

Elder Menendez ready to fly, too.
plane, we headed to the runway and boooommmmm......the captain said that we needed to go back to the loading site, because there is a lot of fog in the airport in Pasto.......We were there in the terminal for another 2 hours until 8am, and then they ended cancelling our flight...NOOOO!

So we hurried and went to the terminal and took a chi chi bus to Pasto......that was a long bus ride...........Pres and the Hermana Prince were able to go to Bogota first, then to Pasto by plane, so their flight didn't get cancelled..

So we finally got to Pasto after a long bus ride at 8pm at night. We went and saw some converts on Elder Menendez, and then went back to the house of the ZL in Pasto to sleep. Woke up the next day and did the interviews with the missionaries in Ipiales. They turned out great, and are doing really well down there. 
Elder Welling (top,far right) with Pasto/Ipiales Zones.
My good friend, Elder Eliason, is the ZL and it was cool to see him again. We had a good pizza lunch after the interviews, then we headed to the Pasto airport to head back to Cali. This time the flight wasn't cancelled and we made it out of Pasto. First going to Bogota and then to Cali. It was fun. I sat in the isle, so that was awesome. I had a good time, and last night we had a baptism. So that was a great way to finish the week! Now I am super excited for the conferences this weekend!! <Going to be the best!!!

Everyone ready to eat pizza with Pres. Prince.

Elder Welling enjoys his food....happy missionaries!


Elders Welling and Menendez on their plane!

Flying from Pasto to Cali.

Love and miss you all.

I'm on a horse. 

Elder Welling
Mission Cali Colombia

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