Zone Leader Consejo in Cali, Learning from President Prince

Elder Welling happy to be eating Sister Prince's delicious lunch. Happy to be with all his fellow ZL friends.
May 6, 2013 
Hey Familia and Friends, 
Sorry I am writing my card so late, but we just finished
playing soccer way late. So now that's why I am writing. 
See Elder Welling very focused on what President Prince is teaching them-pen in hand.
But this week was good, went to Pasto on Tuesday night 
and slept at the ZLs of Pasto. My good friend, Elder Edwards
is there, he is a good friend, will be my friend forever.
Then on Wednesday morning we headed to the terminal in Pasto and got a
really bad bus to Cali. It was SO small and hot and bumpy, was a bad
12 hours, to say the least. Then we went to visit some recent converts
of Elder eEdwards, so that was way cool to see them all in Cali. Was a
good time. 
I can see the back of Elder Welling's head, can you? Learning so much from President Prince.
Then that night we slept at the Torgersons. They are a missionary 
couple, they are awesome. I love them so much. They gave us
delicious tacos and brownies. SOOOO good. Then we all slept. On
Thursday morning we had the Consejo with the ZLs and that was a good
time. Always like being with them and President and Sister Prince. We 
learned a lot. 
Elder Welling is in the center back, the tallest, I think. Loves being with Pres. and Sister Prince and all missionary friends.
Then after the awesome Consejo with President Prince, he
drove us and Elder Edwards and Zambrano to the terminal so we could get
a bus to Pasto. We had dinner at the terminal with some other elders
that are the Zls in Popayan, that was saweet. They are cool guys,
too. Then we got on a nice bus back to Pasto. I talked awhile to
Edwards and the other guys, overall was a good time. Then we
finally got to Ipiales at 7am. I slept for like 30 min then went 
back to work. Overall was a solid week. Not too much else to say
lol. We have some people preparing for baptism on the 12th, so that
should be awesome. But hopefuly I don't get transferred. All
is good here and everything. Hope you all are doing great, also. 
I think I see Elder Welling's well-worn shoes:) Love this!
Love you all and miss you. Sorry the letter is so short. 
Love you all and miss you!

Elder Tyler Welling

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