Transfers.....Staying Here in Ipiales and Happy!

May 20, 2013

Hey Familia and Friends, 
Ooo, this past week was good. My comp and I had a lot of lessons and
worked hard all week. But, for some reason, things just aren't
happpening like we want. We only had 3 people at church. 
We decided this week we just gotta keep doing work. Which means I
am still here in Ipiales, btw, which is awesome. I love it! 6
months in another city. We'll see if we can get a little bit better
this time around. 
But yeah, I had exchanges with another missionary on
Wednesday, Elder Cain from Sacramento, that was cool. He is a good
Elder, and likes to work hard. So we had a fun day, and basically did a
good amount of work. On Saturday a girl was going to get baptized, but then
her best friend came and basically helped her change her mind. 
This weekend we are going to have 2 baptisms this. One of them is getting married 
which will be awesome. hah SO i am excited for that. So, overall this week
that is coming will be great and we are excited for it! We will be
working hard working for June. Should be great! Elder Edwards is here
with me today, so that is awesome. He is one of my best bros in the mission.
SO that's cool. But other than that, nothing is new.
Love you all and miss you all. Have a great day!
Elder Welling 

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