Interviews, President Prince, Baptisms

April 22, 2013
Hey Family and Friends, 
This week was good/bad, On Monday we just kinda chilled and did work and stuff. So basically the cool thing happened on Friday. We headed to Pasto to have our interviews with President Prince. They were awesome. Loved every second of it. I started first because I am the ZL and older of the two, so that was way cool. President is awesome! We talked about a whole bunch of stuff from the work to Apostles and everything. I love having the interviews with President every 3 months. But, I wish that it was every month. It'd be way better that way, haha! But just doesn't work out. 
SO also, this Saturday we had a baptisms of a man named Milton Tena, who is about 60 years old. But he is just awesome. We found him, because we heard a saxophone being played in a house. SO we yelled. Hey, you with the saxaphone! He looked at us and said he felt something good. SO he let us in. We chit chatted and did the normal. It was cool, because my comp and he shared the music in common which was awesome. SO then, after a month and a half he got baptized and has said since the first time we met that he was waiting for us. SO that was super special and awesome! 
I love how the Lord prepares the people for you so you can send them the gospel and help them come unto Christ and be his disciple. The people are waiting, just that the missionaries and member need to find them. This week was good, but next week will be better, we hae a lot of big plans to improve the work here in ipiales and get some big things started. Then of course i will see Bednar on Saturday, which is amazing. haha!
 Love you all and Miss you.

Elder Tyler Welling

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