I Love My Mission, I Love This Work!

Happy Ipiales/ZL Companions are they!
May 13, 2013 
Hey Familia and Friends 
So this week was good. I had a ton of fun and everything talking with
you all yesterday, was sooo cool to see my best companion on my mission 
ever and one of my good friends -- Belnap!!! Was great! Hope you all enjoyed 
talking to me as much as i enjoyed talking to you! Ha! 
This past week was great. We taught a lot of lessons and got along great
with my companion. But I think we made a mistake, because I think we
were focusing on the people that maybe aren't ready to listen to us
yet. So on Sunday we only had 2 people come to church, which was a huge
bummer. But overall things are going great here. I'm having an awesome time
and trying to get better everyday at eveything I do. 
The mission is flying by, I can't believe it. I am loving it so much, and it
is soo amazing now that I speak Spanish well. I remember one day on the bus
in Buenaventura last summer when Elder Belnap was like, man its so cool to 
speak two languages!...I was like, yeahhhh..sure,...because I was struggling
with my Spanish during that time. Now I am loving it!!! I get excited
everyday when I realize the progress I have made since I came here
and since I left Buenaventura. 
I love it, I love my mission, and all of the best
buds I have made during these two years, like my current companion, and Elders Belnap, 
Edwards,Taua,Bolo and many others. Loving my mission, and I will keep working hard to do
everything I can and to give my primicia to the lord! Love you all and
miss you.

"I'm kinda a big deal."

Elder Tyler Welling

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