Another Great Week in Ipiales-Zone Mtg and Baptism Day

Elder Welling's Baptism Day in Ipiales

Elder Welling (front left) with Pres. & Sis. Prince and His Ipiales/Pasto Zones
Elder Welling During Ipiales/Pasto Zone Conference (front mid/right)
February 18, 2013

Here I am Elder Welling So this week was great. I will start with Friday, because those days were awesome. We got the Zone 3 ready to go to Pasto at 5 in the morning in the terminal and headed to Pasto for the Zone conference. It was awesome.
First President Prince gave an awesome message on Moses and leading the people of Israel away from the Pharaoh. Was awessome. Explained how it is the doctrine of Christ which Elder Belnap explained to me too. But it was awesome!!!!!                                      

First how they are in a fight against Pharaoh for hundreds of years. They repent and finally get to follow Moses. They follow him and everything with faith.and repented along the way...then they got to the Mar rojo. and Moses, like we know, parted the mar and went below the this case they got baptized!!!! And while they were under the water they were guided by a beam of fire...or light, I don't remember, and a cloud. They received the holy ghost...and then they went on and finally got to the Mount Sinai, right? BOOM!! Enduring to the end..And basically went to the temple, because in Mount Sinai as if they were in the presencia de Dios...crap, I can't type in English...haha.

ut then they finished their work, and finally got to the tierra prometida.....Israel!! Amazing, right?!! What we teach as missionaries is the same thing that the Children of Israel went through.....First Faith in Christ, then after Repentance, and then Baptism. Like when they went through the water, and after receive the Holy Ghost...who is the Guide. and later Enduring to the End, going through the Temple and being the best we can be in this Life.

It w
as amazing. and then on Saturday we had 6 baptisms as a Zone here in Ipiales. My companion and I had baptized two young people (here in this picture with us). So the two of us baptized 4 great people this month. We are doing everything possible to do our best to bring them the message of Christ, just like Moses did. But things are really great.

I Loved the story of Moses and everything. Was awesome! I know the Church is true. The Book of Mormon is true, and I hope that everybody that might read this email will read the Book of Mormon, and really study it to see if it is true, like the Bible is, they go together.
It is either True,or False. And I know it is True, for and because of the things it teaches and how I feel when I read it and teach it.

I Love you all and miss you!!!

 Elder Tyler Welling

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