Good Long Week in Cali for ZL Meetings and Ipiales

Elder Welling Travels to Cali for Zone Leader Training with Fellow ZL's

Elder Welling With Fellow Zone Leaders
Elder Welling (center back) and Zone Leader Group with President and Sister Prince in Cali
Elder Welling Happy Eating Sister Prince's Delicious Meal

February 11, 2013

Hey Family and Friends, 
So, interesting and most busy week of my mission so far...well not really. But this week was great. I will go by it day bye day.
SO on Tuesday we had the normal district mtg and stuff and worked on some stuff that was different but cool. Went and had the interviews for the two baptisms we had on Saturday. :) They both got to come.

SO then, on Tuesday night at about 7 we headed to Pasto to go to Cali the next morning. The Zls there are Elder Lamareoux and Elder Avalos. So that was sweet staying at their house. They didn't have power in the house, but it was still cool. Elder Lamareoux is cool and we talked for a long time about everything. Then we woke up and got on the bus at 8 to go to Cali....pause.....right now Shewolf by Shakira is playing in a internet cafe...anyways.. Got on the 10 hour buss and talked again forever with Elder Lamareouz, cool guy. Had lunch on the way, then finally we got to Cali.     
We immediately ran to Mcdonalds from the bus place.....and ate Mickyds......sooo DELICIOUS: SO that was awesome. Then we went to the Torrgerson's (Sr. missionary couple from Idaho) to sleep. That was awesome, because they gave us tacos and brownies. I Love them so much, like a grandma and grandpa in the mish. haha Then woke up in the morning and went to the ZL conference. Was great, talked about a lot of things and looked at dates and stuff. Was really cool. I liked it a lot, and hopefully I gave good input. haha But overall was great. Then-- ohhhh the food that Hermana Prince cooked was delicious, too. SOOO GOOD.

Then we once again we got back on the bus to go back to Pasto. The Police stopped us, and I got checked..that was cool......Then finally got home.

Then on Saturday, skipped Friday, we had our two baptisms of a kid named Nickolas and the girl named Alexandra, that was awesome. They were way cool and the reunion was really special. We are going to have 3 more baptisms this weekend I think, too . So we are doing good here in Ipiales.

And yes, I felt the earthquake....sooo coool!!! Haha...And that's all.
Love you all and miss you. ttyl

Elder Tyler Welling

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