Saying Goodbye to My Colombia-Cali Mission That I Loved!

Monday and Tuesday
January 27-28, 2014
Sister Prince's fitting quote for this special and tender day!

Sister Prince-- "We celebrated and cried together through their final day...
lunch, interviews, english tests, and testimony meeting."

Sister Prince sent photos and this sweet note of their farewell with Elder Welling...She also posted these tender photos on their own fantastic blog, what a gift! We love and are forever grateful to President and Sister Prince for loving, caring, teaching, guiding, protecting, leading, and cheering Elder Welling on from day one through this last day of goodbyes. Thank you Sister Prince and President Prince - we love you and pray you will be blessed forever for all you have done! We keep you and all our Colombia-Cali Mission brothers and sisters in our hearts and in our prayers every day and always!!

Sister Prince- "I remember so well when this group was just beginning their missions
Sisters Villacis, Guzman, and Galán
Elders Alvarez, Lipe, Fuentealba, Avalos, Welling, Menendez, Rodriguez, Suarez, Zambrano, Alvarado, Guerrero, and Candia"

 Sister Prince--"And now that beginning has come to an end
and they are at the beginning of new life adventures."
Elder Welling going to hug Sister Prince good-bye.

Elder Welling crying as Sister Prince tries to bring a smile to his face-he loves Sis. Prince so much! 

Elder Welling hugging President Prince goodbye--he loves Pres. Prince so much, too!
Elder Welling boarding his plane to America and many tears, so sad to close this beautiful door!
Sister Prince --
"An emotional send off...glad that the pictures do not show how hard he was really crying.
We KNOW we will see Elder Welling again...and soon...easier to send him...harder to send others!
Enjoy your reunion.  He has grown into a wonderful man of longer a young son!

Hugs all around,
Hermana Prince"

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